Flexcharge™ Surge Arrester 12-24V

Flexcharge™ Surge Arrester 12-24V


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Near by lighting strikes, switches, relays, and static electricity can all cause damaging spikes and surges in your electrical system on the DC and AC sides. The Flexcharge Surge Arresters are completely transparent to the system until the voltage on the system reaches the breakdown voltage of the unit. Normally, high voltage spikes that are dissipated by the surge arrester will not damage the surge arrester and it will continue to protect your circuit.


Using a triangulated spark gap circuit, the Flexcharge surge arresters will dissipate high voltage spikes to ground before the voltage in the system reaches extreme levels. Manufactured with UL approved components, each model is designed for specific voltage protection ranges on both DC and AC systems. Install the unit near the device that you want to protect. Some systems will require more than one unit for full protection.


Model #


System Voltage

Breakdown V


DC Surge Arrester




DC Surge Arrester




AC Surge Arrester



Use the appropriate surge arrester for the system voltage and AC or DC circuit.



All three wires must be connected properly for the surge arrester to operate. Follow the wiring color code on the unit label. Install the unit next to the device you want to protect. For example on the AC side of an inverter, install the surge arrester on the AC output terminals of the inverter. For solar and wind systems install a DC surge arrester just before the charge controller. In some systems that have above ground wires between the solar or wind system and the batteries, install another surge arrester near the solar or wind system.

The Green (earth ground) wire must go directly to a ground rod or ground plate.  If you have multiple ground rods be sure to run a common wire to all the ground rods so they are tied together electrically.  This is very important to prevent a ground loop.


Solder all wire to wire connections.

The surge arrestor can withstand multiple high voltage surges but prolonged high voltage above the ratied limit can cause a failure.  If the case become hot or warped it has failed.  If this happens you must remove it from the system and replace the unit.



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