Solar Irrigation for the Cowboys and Angels Ranch

System Details

  • Solar Irrigation, water emitters, and hydrants
  • 4 300w Panels
  • Grundfos SQFlex 11 SQF-2 pump
  • 2 wells and pump (allows back feed to house in grid-down situation)
  • AC/DC system
  • Pressurized or Gravity Fed
  • 3300 feet of piping!
  • AC/DC

About This Installation

The Cowboys and Angels Ranch is a nonprofit ministry dedicated to the life of Lacee Michaela Dial. This was an exciting project that we enjoyed being a part of from start to finish. From planning and designing, to putting in water lines, to installing the complete system. The final product was a solar irrigation system with the option to change from pressurized to gravity-fed at the switch of a single valve. Down at the well, we installed a solar pump (Grundfos SQFlex 11 SQF-2) in conjunction with the existing grid pump, so that again, with a flip of a switch, the owners can change from grid tie to solar well pumping. See how it all came together in the video below and how we solved the challenges we encountered on the way!

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