Solar Pond Aeration System

Solar Pond Aeration

Customer Goal: Install an efficient pond aeration system without ongoing grid expenses

Recently we installed a PV direct (no batteries required) pond aeration system for a client in North Carolina that we’ve worked with before on multiple PV direct systems. We are doing this because they have experienced several fish kills in their ponds recently and they wanted to put that to a stop.  Watch us install this system in the video below!

We love PV Direct systems at Practical Preppers® because they make solar energy available without using any expensive batteries, inverters, charge controllers, etc. The system we installed for this family was the SLA-SD4-BLDC PV Direct Aeration System. Even during cloudy conditions, the SLA-SD4-BLDC solar aeration system provides low-maintenance, high-volume solar aeration on any site. The solar aeration system minimizes your costs and maximizes your ROI by eliminating the need for batteries, AC wiring, and the ongoing expenses of grid power. Not to mention, it’s easy and simple to install!

By installing this solar aerator, we will be constantly stirring the water, not allowing oxygen deprived zones to form. This will fight algae growth, pond muck, and create an overall healthier pond for fish and wildlife. See my installation video to see how this solar pond aeration installation all came together! 

Purchase the full solar pond aeration kit here 

System Details

  • PV Direct Pond Aeration System
  • Brushless DC Compressors
  • Engineered and Built in the USA
  • (2) 60-Cell Modules included in kit

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