Vermont – Solar Power and Heating

off grid in cold climate

Customer Goal: Build an off-grid infrastructure for their home that would function in an extremely cold climate

I’ve been helping this customer with their off-grid infrastructure in a cold-climate cabin near the Canadian border. This new project was to provide solar power for loads, hot water, and radiant floor heating. Future projects will involve additional solar and hopefully wind turbines! This is an off-grid project, and we were still able to use the Sol-Ark 8k inverter to meet our needs. Watch my video below for an explanation on how everything works together and how the Sun Bandit will provide both domestic hot water and radiant tech to this shelter. 

Watch Us Install It!

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System Details

  • Off-grid Solar System
  • Solar hot water and radiant floor heating
  • Generator back-up 
  • 33 solar modules
  • Sun-bandit hot water heater 
  • 30 kw Cummins generator
  • Sol-Ark 8k inverter
  • 840 amp hour battery
  • Northstar battery rack

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