Georgia – Hybrid Solar System with EMP Hardening

emp hardened solar system

Customer Goal: Hybrid Solar With EMP Hardening

See our installation video below to follow us on a residential solar project. This homeowner contacted us for a 4.6 kW hybrid system with EMP hardening. See the finished product and more detailed features on the Sol-Ark 8k transformerless inverter in the video!

Watch Us Install It!

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System Details

  • 4.6 kW solar system
  • Grid-tie/Hybrid
  • EMP hardened
  • Sol-ark 8k transformerless inverter
  • Generator Backup
  • 13 350W LG Panels
  • Roof Mount
  • 750 ahs battery set up
  • 16 Trojan sagm batteries
  • Dedicated critical loads panel

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