Georgia – Grid Tie Church Solar

church grid tie solar system

Customer Goal: Reduce running costs of church facility

A Presbyterian church in Georgia requested a solar system to lower the running costs of their facility. We installed a grid-tied 10 kW ground mount solar system to get the job done! This system features the Sinclair ground mounts, which we’ve been using more and more on our jobs. Sinclair ground mounts are easy to install and, being made of full galvanized steel, are much more affordable than their aluminum counterparts but just as sturdy (get a free quote here). We used 2 SMA transformerless inverters with added cellular modem kits so that the church will always have access to solar tracking right from their smart phones. 

Another great thing about this grid tie solar system is its scalability. All the components already in place are ready to receive double the current Amps that its receiving from the installed array. So if the owners ever wanted to expand the solar system, it would be a simple and low-cost project. You can learn more about the scalability and see a walkthrough of the system in the video below.

Install Video

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System Details

  • Sinclair Ground Mount
  • 10 kW Grid Tie Solar System
  • 28 Solar Panels
  • (2) Transformerless SMA inverters + cellular modem kits

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