West Virginia – Grid Tie Solar System (Bye-Bye Power Bill!)

Customer Goals: Zero out power bill and make profits by selling energy back to utility companies

It’s been a while since we’ve done a grid-tie system. Here, we had an 11.1kw system with ground mounting, and we were thankful for the tractor and bobcat mini on site which made the job a lot easier! The PLP Power Peak ground mount is infinitely adjustable and left us with 30 perfectly aligned panels. The system looks even better when you consider that our customer won’t see another power bill for the rest of his life! See more installation details and Johnny having the time of his life on the tractor in the video below.

Watch Us Install It!

 In addition to grid-tie systems, we offer generator back-ups, battery back-ups, wind, hydro, hybrid, and off-grid systems. Contact us or complete a consultation request if you are interested! 

System Details

  • Grid-tie solar
  • 11.1 kw
  • (30) 370w Monocrystalline Trinas
  •  PLP Power Peak Ground Mount
  • (2) SMA 5.0 transformerless inverters
  • No power bill for the rest of this customer’s life!

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