Kwik Klamp 1 – Pipe Clamp

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The most popular patented tool used worldwide by well drillers, pump installers, well servicemen and environmental drillers.  J&K Tool Company, Inc. has been manufacturing the Kwik Klamp for over 40 years.



Kwik Klamp 1 Details:

• All steel construction but light weight-only 14 lbs.

Easy to operate, over center locking of jaws when downward pressure is applied to lever.

Kwik Klamp allows workers to bring pipe joint up to an easy working level.

Equipped with serrated and hardened replaceable jaws.


•  Excellent holding capability with load tests over 3500 lbs.
KK1 Load Test Report: ESP026328P J&K Tool KK1 Final

•  Designed to hold pipe sizes 1″ – 2″ (1.315″OD-2.375″OD)  PVC, stainless & galvanized (not intended for bare steel drill rod).

•  Safety pin to prevent accidental unclamping.
•  Simple one hand operation.
•  Size adjustment and tension bolt located inside of front jaw protected from dirt and water.

9 reviews for Kwik Klamp 1 – Pipe Clamp

  1. Dennis Myer (verified owner)

    Like people that wants me to save $$$

  2. Edward Mellott (verified owner)

    Quality product, great price

  3. Ronnie S. (verified owner)

    Exactly as advertised and quick shipping.

  4. Nathan Griffin (verified owner)

  5. Mike Goodwin (verified owner)

    I lowered my well pump 30 feet. I would not have been able to do this without the Kwik Klamp. It is a “must have” and well worth the money. Fast shipping!

  6. George (verified owner)

  7. Doug P. (verified owner)

    Good tools are expensive. If cheap is your main concern, you can look on YouTube how to build a well clamp out of a 4×4, a door hinge, and a bolt. Any qualified well service will be glad to come and help you fish your pump out of the bottom of your well.

    I really like that the clamp jaws are adjustable. This was especially important after I found that every well on my property has different size pipe in it. It also allows you to adjust the force placed on different types of pipe.

    I like the way clamp covers the top of the well head. That prevents people like me from accidentally dropping tools down the well. I also really like that the clamp is easily operated with one hand since I work on projects like this alone. The locking mechanism is also a really nice touch.

    The clamp very well and works flawlessly. Great job guys!

  8. Erin Barraclough (verified owner)

    We started this project with 2 x 4s and C clamps and a wench. Our well pump needs to be lowered to 330 feet and we are using 10ft galvanized steel pipes. after about 70ft, it became clear we needed something with stronger holding/clamping power especially when tightening the next pipe into the coupler. This tool is a life saver! It allowed us to do a DIY solar well pump install fast, easy and without worry of the pipe slipping and falling down the well. One of the best uses of money for this project!

  9. James Crump (verified owner)

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