Sunrotor SR-4 Starter System

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This SR-4 basic system is perfect for someone who wishes to purchase their system and find their own well driller / pump installer. All necessary components for the pump installation are included with this basic system.



As configured, this system will pump approximately 4.8 gallons/minute (18.0 liters/minute) at 50 feet (15 m) or 2.5 gallons/minute (9.4 liters/minute) at 125 feet (38 m). With most places enjoying 4-6 hours of peak sun pumping time, this basic setup will pump 1,150 – 1,750 gallons/day at 50 feet (15 m), or 600-900 gallons/day at 125 feet (38 m). 

  • Components included with this system
  • SR-4 solar pump and SRC-M100T controller
  • Single 185 watt / 24 volt solar panel
  • Mounting rack for the panel
  • Low water sensor for the well
  • Wiring harness to attach the PV panel to the controller
  • Conduit and wiring to connect controller to the well seal
  • Mounting hardware package


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