S.C. – Off Grid Solar System with Dual Sol-Ark 12k’s

off grid solar system

Customer Goals: Be independent from utility companies and save money long-term on power

Parallel stacking 2 Sol-Ark 12k solar inverters is an easy way to attain massive peak power. We designed this 17 kW solar system to take this homeowner completely off the grid, although connection to the grid is always available. This system uses a Cummins 20kW generator and a small battery bank as a backup power source. The Sol-Ark 12k solar inverter, generator, and batteries all work together seamlessly with Sol-Ark’s auto generator start function. This Sol-Ark feature automatically starts the Cummins generator based on programmable battery conditions, which are also monitored by the Sol-Ark. You can see the full system walk through in our video below.

Install Video

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System Details

  • 100% Off Grid
  • 17 kW Solar System
  • Roof mounted
  • Generator Backup
  • (2) Sol-Ark 12k’s – parallel stacked
  • Auto Generator Start Function
  • TIGO Rapid Shutdown Units

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