S.C. – Off Grid Solar Water System for Farm

Customer Goal: Increase off-grid water pumping to a developing farm/homestead

Six years ago we installed a water system for this farm primarily using 2 solar panels and a Dankoff piston pump. For six years, these two panels and the pump provided off-grid water to this beautiful homestead, supplying water to multiple houses, gardens, and livestock. 

Over the years, the owners have added RVs, 2 tiny homes, tent platforms and more to their property. During this last year, the water demands weren’t quite being met by the old system, so we made some improvements to keep up with the developing property. We combined the two existing panels to charge the batteries that back up the piston pump, doubling the charge capacity. We also replaced the existing pump (which pumped 3-4 gpm) with the Grundfos 11-SQF pump (10-11 gpm) and added 3 more solar panels to power it, tripling the water pumping capacity. 

The Grundfos 11-SQF fills a storage tank daily as a part of a gravity fed system to supply water to livestock and 2 tiny homes. The Dankoff piston pumps pressurizes a bladder tank to supply pressurized water. We added a pressure switch so that the Grundfos 11-SQF can pressurize the bladder tank if the Dankoff piston pump ever needs to be serviced or is down. The Grundfos SQFlex series pumps can be run from solar or wind power and has options for battery or generator back-ups.

A simple pump also serves as a backup to this system, but we don’t expect them to need this. 

Install Video

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System Details

  • Off-Grid Water Delivery System
  • 5 solar panels
  • Dankoff piston pump pressurizes bladder tank
  • Grundfos 11-SQF submersible pump fills storage tank and is back-up to piston pump
  • Storage tank gravity feeds water to livestock and 2 tiny homes
  • Simple pump back-up to submersible pump

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