Tennessee – Residential Solar Hydronic System

About This Installation

Our overall goal for this customer was to run their 5,000 square foot house on less than 50 A of power. To accomplish this, we designed a system that uses solar energy to run the large power-hungry loads. This home uses solar energy for many things: well pumps, water filtration, AC loads, hot water, heating, and cooling. In this article we are going to focus in on the hydronic system we designed that heats, cools, and provides hot water for this home.

What is Solar Hydronics?

Solar Hydronics refers to the use of water as a heat transfer medium in heating and cooling systems, whereby the water is being heated via solar energy. Hydronic systems are coming back, and while residential solar hydronic systems are not common, we’ve proven that they are possible! We designed a system that heats and cools this 5,000 square foot home using solar energy and water. Watch our YouTube video below to see how everything in this system works together. If you’re feeling inspired to start a new project at your home or business, contact us or request a consultation!

Main Components

(for 5,000 sqft home)

  • 3 Air-to-Water Heat Pump Chillers
  • 37 Gallon Buffer Tank
  • 80 Gallon Chiltrix Domestic Hot Water Tank
  • 80 Gallon Sun Bandit Solar Hybrid Water Heater
  • 4 Ton Hydronic Air Handler 
  • 4 Chiltrix Fan Coil Units

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