DIY Solar Hot Water System

This is my favorite DIY solar project that we have had much success with. Since installing this hybrid system at my own home, we have only paid an average of $3/month to the grid for hot water! The payback time for this system is much quicker than most solar projects.

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West Virginia – Designing New Construction for Solar Panels

A garage-type building was added to the property with just the right size, location, and roof pitch to maximize their solar production. We were able to perfectly fit a 3×14 solar array onto this roof, with 6 of the panels being used for off-grid air conditioning. The panels were dressed with ferrite suppressors to protect the system from an EMP

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S.C. – Solar Irrigation System for a Ranch

The Cowboys and Angels Ranch is a nonprofit ministry dedicated to the life of Lacee Michaela Dial. We designed and installed a solar irrigation system with the option to change from pressurized to gravity-fed at the switch of a single valve. We also installed a solar pump in conjunction with the existing grid pump that allows the owners to change from grid tie to solar well pumping with a simple switch.

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