Featured Projects

We meet a lot of individuals who are passionate about renewable energy and sustainable living. For most folks, it’s not just an environmentally-conscious or financial decision — it’s a lifestyle change.  

We in turn are passionate about helping these individuals achieve their goals of sustainable living —  be it through renewable water systems, solar systems, & more. Each of our projects is a representation of high-quality engineering, collaboration, and passion. 

We hope that you too will be inspired by these projects to pursue a more clean, independent, and sustainable lifestyle.

DIY Solar Hot Water System

This is my favorite DIY solar project that we have had much success with. Since installing this hybrid system at my own home, we have only paid an average of $3/month to the grid for hot water! The payback time for this system is much quicker than most solar projects.

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off grid in cold climate

Vermont – Solar Power and Heating

’ve been helping this customer with their off-grid infrastructure in a cold-climate cabin near the Canadian border. This new project was to provide solar power for loads, hot water, and radiant floor heating. Future projects will involve additional solar and hopefully wind turbines!

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West Virginia – Designing New Construction for Solar Panels

A garage-type building was added to the property with just the right size, location, and roof pitch to maximize their solar production. We were able to perfectly fit a 3×14 solar array onto this roof, with 6 of the panels being used for off-grid air conditioning. The panels were dressed with ferrite suppressors to protect the system from an EMP

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Georgia – Off Grid Air Conditioning

We installed a completely off-grid solar air conditioning system with 75 SEER rating at this beautiful European-style home. We used the ACDC12C Solar Air conditioners found on our site that do not require any grid power to run.

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