Featured Projects

We meet a lot of individuals who are passionate about renewable energy and sustainable living. For most folks, it’s not just an environmentally-conscious or financial decision — it’s a lifestyle change.  

We in turn are passionate about helping these individuals achieve their goals of sustainable living —  be it through renewable water systems, solar systems, & more. Each of our projects is a representation of high-quality engineering, collaboration, and passion. 

We hope that you too will be inspired by these projects to pursue a more clean, independent, and sustainable lifestyle.

S.C. – Solar Irrigation System for a Ranch

The Cowboys and Angels Ranch is a nonprofit ministry dedicated to the life of Lacee Michaela Dial. We designed and installed a solar irrigation system with the option to change from pressurized to gravity-fed at the switch of a single valve. We also installed a solar pump in conjunction with the existing grid pump that allows the owners to change from grid tie to solar well pumping with a simple switch.

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